Black Body Radiation Generation

Black body radiation is electromagnet radiation that solid matter gives off when it is at a certain temperature. This radiation allows for a visible detection of the temperature of any mass, which in turn can allow for thermography to form a different type of image.

This picture can be used in everything from detecting the temperature of an incredibly hot object to testing the accuracy and reliability of new hardware designed to interpret images based on a spectrum besides visible light.

Because of the number of versatile options that this radiation gives, a blackbody is particularly useful inn developing new electro-optical military systems.

Using a Blackbody radiation when Developing New Equipment

Blackbody generators are particularly useful for developing new technologies dealing with thermography because they deliver consistent and expected results. The radiation they produce should remain constant in accordance to the parameters that the developer sets.

When developing a new method of thermal imaging, this allows for the accuracy of the technology to be tested to values as accurate as the generator will allow.

The main reason accuracy is so important revolves around the delicate nature of military electro-optical technology. A greater range, such as the -40ºC to 1200ºC range that the blackbodies from CI Systems provides, allows for imaging technology designed to find man-made installations in extremely cold climates to developing optics capable of being used with satellites to inspect for weapons of mass destruction.

The accuracy of these machines to produce black body radiation influences the results that the developer can expect. This helps to eliminate false positives while ensuring the technology can accurately determine valid results.

Testing Quality Translates to Technological Success

CI Systems provides some of the highest quality in black body radiation generation. Our equipment is capable of generating conditions designed to test a wide range of temperatures, with milli-Kelvin stability. These machines are accurate to the set temperature with a range of error no greater than 0.007ºC.

The temperature sensor attached to these devices can be removed. This helps to ensure that results are accurate and easy to calibrate. This decreases the amount of time that must be dedicated to checking the generator, which in turn decreases project turnaround time while substantially increasing the reliability of results.

CI Systems also provide a number of generator types. Extended area blackbodies, cavity blackbodies and accessories like choppers and IR targets are available. This allows for a number of field conditions to be simulated for testing and diagnostics.

To learn more about how CI Systems facilitates the expedited development of military electro-optical technology, contact us today. The results our generators bring will sharply increase the reliability of any developed technologies while ensuring that false positives are kept to a minimum both in the field and during testing.